Wednesday, February 27, 2008

chapter 5


"Seamus O'Brian."

Hollee squinted up at the new recruit. "Irish?"

The man nodded.

"Sign here, please. And I hope you will not be fighting on this voyage," Hollee added, as the man made his X.

O'Brian grinned, revealing two missing front teeth. "Only if ye want me to, sor," he said. He shook Hollee's hand and stood aside.

The navy press gang had managed to miss all of the Windsong's crew (no doubt because they were hiding underneath loose women or, in the case of Mr. Hartleby, in the church), but several men had opted not to sign back on. Hollee had hired three news hands and he was not displeased with them If they could do half the things they claimed, they would fit in well with the established Windies. The tide was tugging at the ship's bottom, the new mainsails sniffing hopefully at the wind. After the rainshower yesterday, the air was fresh and clear, and it was time to leave.

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